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JoCo 2017 Documents

Following are various scans, pictures, and PDFs from the 2017 JoCo Cruise.

On this page are:

  • The SeaMonkey 2017 (Scans)
  • Welcome Booklet (Original)
  • Dinner/Lunch Menus (Scans)
  • Room Service Menu (Original)
  • Good Night Cards (Pictures)
  • Shore Excursions (Original)
  • Disembarkation (Scan)
  • The SeaMonkey 2017 (Original)

Like the cruise in general, the scanned documents on this page are meant to be under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike” license.

If you have something I am missing, please let me know! I would love to complete my collection.


Following are my scans of “The SeaMonkey” from the 2017 JoCo Cruise, the daily newsletter/schedule left in the room each evening for the next day.

These served as the daily schedule for the upcoming day, a source of general purpose information, and a continuing puzzle/story for anyone who chose to follow it.

Welcome Booklet


Following are scans (really, scanned pictures) of each of the menus I remembered to capture.

Holland America Room Service

This is not the breakfast menu that you fill out, but it gives a good idea of the food service offered in the room. The actual menu may vary by ship, or as they roll out new options.

Good Night Cards

These cards greeted us in the evenings, as we returned from dinner. I did not get them all, but here are the ones I captured, in order, starting from day 3.

Section currently offline while I find the files…

Shore Excursions

Excursions for the 2017 cruise were offered for all ports of call, though seemed to focus on Cabo somewhat. This may have represented the much less developed tourism industry around Loreto.


Curious what disembarkation looks like from the ship?

We selected the “normal” disembark options (as opposed to “priority/early” disembarkation). Because we were in a suite, we were still off the ship very early.

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