Ear Catcher - January 2018

Ear Catcher - January 2018

Whoops, missed a few months there... And Christmas. May do a distinct post for the Christmas music that we played non-stop this season, just to keep this post reasonable.

If you didn't see the earlier posts in the Ear Catcher series, please take a look (listen?).

The music links below will be primarily for Apple Music. If you don't already have Apple Music, consider giving it a try! I have been using it since day one, and love it!

New Music - Albums

Following are some albums that I have been listening to lately.

Live in Prague  - Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer recently went on tour, performing a series of his best tracks, as well as some unique creations.

The real trick is listening to this all the way through without getting sidetracked to the album behind each of these incredible tracks.

What if Nothing - WALK THE MOON

WALK THE MOON continue to make great music. If you like the sound of this, be sure to take a look at their prior album.

Reputation - Taylor Swift

Impossible to resist the pop power of Taylor Swift. Just give it a listen.

The Greatest Showman - Various Artists

A musical with a great set of songs to keep you going. Great background music when you need an upbeat punch to get you moving.

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