JoCo Cruise 2017 - Day 6 - Bahía Magdalena

JoCo Cruise 2017 - Day 6 - Bahía Magdalena

Day six opened with us scooting north to Bahía Magdalena (Magdalena Bay) on the west side of Baja California Sur.

Relaxing Sea Day

Among other things, day six was pajama day! To celebrate/commiserate the fast approaching end of the cruise, everyone was encouraged to wear their pajama finest all day long.

Yours truly, on pajama day

As usual, I wandered the ship taking pictures for the morning.

Panorama off the Stern

Panorama off the Verandah


The concert on day six was much earlier in the day, as the ship was set to cruise through Bahía Magdalena in the afternoon/evening. The entertainment for the day was:


Jackie Kashian opened the event with a great standup routine. I don't have a great memory for what she focused on, but I do remember enjoying the set. Unfortunately, I didn't get any great photos.

The next set was an improv group that I must ashamedly admit I remember almost nothing about... I also don't have any good photos...

The Doubleclicks

Moving right along, the centerpiece of the evening was The Doubleclicks, a "nerd-folk musical duo". While they had appeared a few times earlier in the week, this was their main event, and they did an amazing job.

To listen to some of their music, take a listen to their most recent album on my August 2017 music post!

Cruising Bahía Magdalena

The main event of the day was set to be a scenic cruise of Bahía Magdalena, a large bay on the west side of Baja California. For this event, I mostly wandered the top and promenade decks, enjoying the afternoon, nice weather, and occasional sights.

We were also fortunate enough to see some dolphins swimming in the wake of the ship:

Wrapping Up

After cruising the bay, we headed in for dinner, and off to sleep after a relaxing day at sea.

 Dinner Menu - Day 6 - Click for PDF

Dinner Menu - Day 6 - Click for PDF

Other Pictures from the Day

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