JoCo Cruise 2017 - Day 7 & 8 - Homeward Bound

JoCo Cruise 2017 - Day 7 & 8 - Homeward Bound

After our cruise through Bahía Magdalena, we woke to our last full day on the ship. We were sailing for San Diego, due to arrive the following morning, first thing.

A Quiet Morning

Our last day was a full sea day, meaning the usual early plans for the day (pictures!). Meanwhile, I think my family was slowly succumbing to cabin fever.

A foggy morning on the promenade deck

Firmly in the category of "you know you're on a nerd cruise when" was the showing of Doctor Who on the shipboard screens, at least in the shops area on board.

The Master meets The Doctor

Afternoon Tea & Relaxation

Although I had been planning to attend this event nearly every day, I only managed to make it to afternoon tea on the last day. Needless to say, I will try to do better in future years, as it was a wonderful way to spend some time in the afternoon!

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend trying the afternoon tea early in the cruise. If you end up liking it, you might regret trying it too late. Fair warning though: Tea on the first day can be a little crazy, but it will quiet down as the week goes on.

Evening Entertainment

The evening event was due to be a sort of "goodbye concert" featuring the majority of the musical acts on the boat, as well as a fair amount of time with JoCo in a more somber mood (still great music, but not quite as lively as the JoCoachella).

Jonathan Coulton himself, opening the evening

After JoCo opened the evening, he gradually called on more acts, leading up to a memorable group rendition of Sloop John B.

Good Bye Party

After the concert came dinner, and finally a late night good bye party.

Shockingly, I took no pictures of dinner or the menus. So I will leave you to imagine just how incredible it must have been in order to make me forget to take a picture.

The wrap up party was set on the pool deck, and went well into the night. Not being too much of a party person, I wandered the floor, took some pictures, and headed to bed fairly early.

Half of the Party

The Whole Party

Day 8 - Return to San Diego Port

After an amazing week, the ship was finally pulling into San Diego port.

While I hoped to get up early enough to capture the ship pulling into the harbor, it had already approached the pier by the time I woke up. Regardless, I caught a few pictures of our early morning arrival.

Sunrise over San Diego

View from the Forward Observation Deck

Docking at the pier took a short time, but was much faster than departure.

Are we there yet?


Getting off the ship was a highly structure process, based on a mixture of passenger request/need (based on flight times) and cabin priority. All the paperwork had to be submitted the day before, if you needed special priority, and you received your plans the night before.

We didn't request any special priority, but because we were in the Neptune Suite, we got off the ship in the second batch (first batch is for people that booked their flights way too early).

 Disembarkation paperwork

Disembarkation paperwork

Customs control for re-entry to the United States was incredibly easy. We literally walked up to a customs agent standing near the exit, showed our passport, and walked away two seconds later. All non-US citizens were required to go through an interview process on the ship early that morning, so they may have had a less pleasant morning.

After walking out of the cruise terminal, we were back to our normal lives, and headed home. I took the time for one last picture of our wonderful ship though.

The Westerdam, ready for a new cruise

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