Ear Catcher - September 2017

Ear Catcher - September 2017

September brought some great new albums to my rotation, though curiously no singles.

If you didn't see the first post in the Ear Catcher series, please take a look for an introduction to why I am doing this.

The music links below will be primarily for Apple Music. If you don't already have Apple Music, consider giving it a try! I have been using it since day one, and love it!

Heavy Rotation

First, some older music that has been playing non-stop for the last month:

New Music - Albums

Following are some albums that I have been listening to lately.

The Vietnam War - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

I have been following Trent Reznor's soundtrack work since I first heard The Social Network, and his newest work is as amazing as ever.

If you are a looking for an intense listen, look no further.

The Aviary - Galantis

While I have listened to Galantis tracks before, I was never aware of the band. But when this album came up in my new music queue, it got stuck on repeat for a few days.

Great for energetic pop/dance/electronic.

A Moment Apart - ODESZA

ODESZA has been a favorite for a while, especially after Sound Exploder's podcast on their track Kusanagi.

Automatica - Nigel Stanford

The new album from Nigel Stanford, who made the excellent Solar Echoes. Notable for some unusual sounds and clever music videos.

And some other albums that didn't quite warrant full sections and inline players, but are still worth a listen:

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