Ear Catcher - October 2017

Ear Catcher - October 2017

October seemed a quieter month, though not without a few standouts.

If you didn't see the earlier posts in the Ear Catcher series, please take a look (listen?).

The music links below will be primarily for Apple Music. If you don't already have Apple Music, consider giving it a try! I have been using it since day one, and love it!

New Music - Single Playlist

Some recently released singles that caught my ear:

New Music - Albums

Following are some albums that I have been listening to lately.

Blade Runner 2049  - Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch

Hans Zimmer creates another excellent soundtrack, great for background listening.

No further description required

Younger Now - Miley Cyrus

I don't think I have ever listened to a Miley Cyrus album front to back, but this one got me listening on repeat.

Worth a listen, if you don't mind some pop/country music.

Stranger Things 2 - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

The original Stranger Things soundtrack (volumes one & two) was a standout album from last year. I listened to it many times prior to watching the show.

Regardless of if you watched (or will watch) Stranger Things season 2, I would suggest giving this a listen.

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PSA: Activated Charcoal Drinks & Food