If you reached this page because you would like to speak to me, or see my resume, please see the links on my homepage, or take a look at my CV.

For more on why I don’t have a LinkedIn page, please keep reading.

A few years back, when doing an occasional search for “Corry Haines” on Google, I found that LinkedIn had become the number one hit. This bothered me for a few reasons, chief among them that I don’t like to define myself by my employment, but also that it was the least interesting site about me.

Because I never really put much effort into building my LinkedIn profile/connections, and didn’t want to, I decided to delete my account on the spot. As a bonus, the deletion considerably lowered the amount of spam I got through LinkedIn, email, and other sources.

LinkedIn has since become a more indispensable tool for recruiting teams, so it may affect future job applications, but I haven’t had any issues yet.