Curious what the JoCo Cruise costs beyond the “all inclusive” costs? Here is the breakdown of what I spent in 2017, round-trip.

This is (nearly) everything I spent for the 2017 cruise. While I am probably missing a few cash items here and there, all the big ticket items are included.


A few items collected from my cruise checklist.

  • $32: AmEx Travel Insurance (medical coverage only)
  • $123: Immunizations, Hep A and Typhoid ($288 before insurance)
  • $140: Passport book & card

Subtotal: $295 ($32 for prepared traveller)

Potential Savings: Already have immunizations & passport, use existing insurance coverage (or none).

Flight to San Diego

I flew Virgin America from San Francisco (SFO) to San Diego. I arrived the day before the cruise at 8:50 AM, and departed the day the cruise returned at 2:20 PM.

I sat in “Main Cabin Select” (premium economy) on the flight. While it cost a bit more, I was checking a bag anyways, so the price difference was pretty small.

  • $296.20: Flight
  • $51.01: Lyft to SFO
  • $52.20: Lyft from SFO

Subtotal: $399.41

Potential Savings: Get a ride on transit (or with a friend) to the airport.

Hotel & Fun in San Diego

After flying in, we stayed a single night in San Diego.

  • $18.20: Various Lyfts around San Diego
  • $0: Wandering the parks/museums/port
  • $0: Hotel room booked by an amazing Dad ($251.56 for 2018 room)

Subtotal: $18.20 ($125-251 for hotel room)

Potential Savings: None.

Ship Incidentals

While the cruise is “all inclusive”, there are many things you can spend extra money on, while on the ship. For most people, this will be various alcoholic drinks.

  • $139.99: Premiere Internet (more info on bottom of cruise FYI)
  • $47.50: JoCo shirts, in the shop
  • $31.08: 12 cans of Diet Coke @ $2.59 each

Subtotal: $218.57

Potential Savings: Don’t buy the internet, pre-order the shirts, drink free drinks (water, tea, coffee), carry as many drinks as possible onto the boat.

Excursions & Port Incidentals

  • $71.95: Holland America Snorkeling in Cabo
  • ~$30: Various cash expenses in port (lunch, soda, ice cream, etc.)
  • $25: Loreto Food Festival

Subtotal: $126.95

Potential Savings: Do your own excursion (or none), pay with Pesos while on land.

Cruise/Room Cost

When I first booked, I wasn’t sure who I would travel with. But I eventually ended up with my dad and brother in the same room. Because we were all on our first cruise, and were worried about the small rooms, we then upgraded all the way to the Neptune Suite (my review of the Neptune Suite).

  • $3953: One passenger in Verandah (VD)
  • +$638: Add second passenger to room
  • +$2637: Upgrade to Signature Suite (SY), add third passenger to room
  • +$1602: Upgrade to Neptune Suite (SB)

The “pay in full” discount only applied to the first payment. All subsequent payments were full price. No other discounts were applied, as I was a first time seamonkey, and booked late.

Subtotal: $2509 ($8830 for three passengers, slightly uneven split)

Potential Savings: Book an interior or ocean view room (which are nicer than they sound), pay in full for entire booking, book early (before previous sailing), book with returning seamonkey.


All told, I spent $3,567.13, or about $396/day, and it was worth every penny.

Based on what I spent, and the savings listed above, I suspect a “minimal cost” cruise would run about $2000 (or less), depending on circumstances and discounts.

Anyways, I hope this helps! Please see below for more of my posts about the cruise, or take a look at the JoCo category on my blog.