The JoCo Home Office just announced new additions to the lineup for the 2018 cruise!

Returning from the 2017 cruise:

New to the 2018 cruise (may have been on cruises prior to 2017):

I will be looking forward to the new podcast, and meeting the new people on stage or off. The only downside is that I have yet more podcasts to catch up on before February…

The complete lineup is available on the JoCo site. My photo essay series on the 2017 cruise is also worth a look, if you haven’t seen it.

See anyone you like? Join me on the cruise in February!

Referral Credit

A quick reminder that one discount still exists for anyone who hasn’t signed up. Anyone using a referral email before December 15th gets $125 of shipboard credit, which can be spent on booze, internet, swag, and more!

To get the credit, put the email address of any already booked passenger into the Promo & Referrer Codes field during sign-up. For details, look to the referral FAQ.

If my JoCo posts have helped you, I would love to share the referral credit with you. Just drop my email (jococruise at corryh dot com) into the Promo & Referrer Codes section of your sign up.

157 days!

Cover image is totally unrelated to the cruise, and is my cat Simon.