JoCo just announced a few ways to save money on the 2018 JoCo cruise!

Don’t know what the JoCo Cruise is? Please read my review of the 2017 cruise!

Guaranteed Rooms

First, they announced new pricing options for the 2018 Cruise, in the form of “guaranteed” rooms. This effectively means that you will get a room within the class (interior, ocean view, verandah, etc.) but won’t be able to choose the specific sub-class, location, or deck. More details in the official FAQ.

If you haven’t booked already, these are a great way to save some money, while still getting a quality room. You can see all the pricing options for various cabins here.

Pay-In-Full Discount

Note: This perk has expired (but the next one is still good)

They also re-activated their earlier perk for signing up early, a 6% pay-in-full discount. If you sign up now, and pay in full, you get 6% off the whole booking.

This perk is available until August 28th.

Referral Credit

Finally, they have announced a new referral credit. Anyone who signs up before December 15th, and provides the email of an existing guest, gets a $125 shipboard credit (the referrer gets a matching credit). This could be used for drinks, internet, or anything else on board.

To get the credit, put the email address of any already booked passenger into the Promo & Referrer Codes field during sign-up. For details, look to the referral FAQ.

If my JoCo posts have helped you, I would love to share the referral credit with you. Just drop my email (jococruise at corryh dot com) into the Promo & Referrer Codes section of your sign up.

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