Our third day opened with us approaching Cabo San Lucas for our first expedition day and port of call.

  SeaMonkey/Schedule for Day 3
SeaMonkey/Schedule for Day 3

Morning at Sea

Our morning was the usual, with my dad off to the pool, and me off to take pictures.

After breakfast, we went for a walk around the ship, on the Promenade, as we approached Cabo. This gave us an opportunity to keep an eye on the coast and get pictures at the best times.

 Panorama approaching Cabo
Panorama approaching Cabo

Making Port & Excursion

Pulling into port was fairly uneventful, as they anchored us in the harbor rather than pulling up to any pier. After arriving on time (around 11am) the ship began unloading all of the tender ships while the port’s tender ships motored out to greet us.

 Ship's and Port's tenders waiting (Orange and white respectively)
Ship’s and Port’s tenders waiting (Orange and white respectively)
 Passengers boarding a ship's tender
Passengers boarding a ship’s tender

Debarkation (or disembarkation) was a highly organized process, based on what you were doing:

  • No shore excursions? Visit the lounge and get a number, wait to be called on intercom
  • Shore excursions? Read instructions left in cabin, report to concert hall at designated time
  • Suite Guest? Leave on any tender you wish (not that they tell you this)


We were going on an official Holland America snorkeling excursion, so we waited for our designated time, and reported to the concert hall. In the weeks leading up to the cruise, we selected the “Snorkel & Sail to Santa Maria Cove” as our only official excursion for the trip. It ran us about $72 a person, and ran for about three hours. I have the Excursion Guide on my JoCo 2017 Documents page, if you want to see the full list.

The excursion started by heading to shore, in Cabo, and transferring to a large catamaran motor boat. Once on board, the crew helpfully (and repeatedly) informed us that we could not drink alcohol until we had finished snorkeling (this made more sense later).

From there, we took a brief detour to see the sights:

 The Arch of Cabo (El Arco)
The Arch of Cabo (El Arco)

Once we had seen the Arch, we motored over to Santa Maria Cove, a bit less than an hour away. Upon arriving, we donned our stylish life vests (worn mostly to identify which boat you belong to) and jumped in the water.

After a half hour or so in the water, people started heading back to the ship. Less a few unfortunate seasick passengers, everyone was immediately handed shots of liquor (Tequila? It was not top shelf stuff). To keep the party going, there was nearly bottomless drinks and beer for everyone on the boat. Happily, there were also sandwiches and chips/salsa to keep everyone going.

The boat transitioned into a party cruise for the trip back to port. A few of the more boozed up passengers were happily dancing on the prow of the ship, much to the delight of passing boats.

After the excursion, I ended up take a number of photos, and a video.

 Panorama off the top deck, at dusk
Panorama off the top deck, at dusk


Day three did not have a formal concert, but instead had the (traditional?) JoCo Cruise Fancy Fez-Tiara-Moustache Formal Picnic-stravaganza. I am ashamed to admit that I did not attend, though I cannot remember why. Alas, this means no review.

Instead, we attended the Gala dinner. While my dad and brother forgot to bring any formal clothes, I at least brought a collared shirt. Regardless, we were all thoroughly outclassed by our fellow passengers. Every level of formality was on display, from perfect Victorian regalia to modern cocktail attire.

  The Gala dinner menu
The Gala dinner menu

After dinner, we did our usual walk about the promenade deck, then attended the Song Exploder podcast recording, feature Aimee Mann and Jonathan Coulton. Specifically, Aimee Mann episode, which I highly recommend.

 Hrishikesh Hirway interviewing Aimee Mann and Jonathan Coulton
Hrishikesh Hirway interviewing Aimee Mann and Jonathan Coulton

Finally, we wandered up to the Lido deck for our evening snack, and wandered off to bed.

Other Pictures of the Day