Our cruise continued into the second day as we sailed towards Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The second day was set to be a “Sea Day”, followed by an early arrival into Cabo the following morning.

  SeaMonkey/Schedule for Day 2
SeaMonkey/Schedule for Day 2

Waking up after spending a night on the couch was unexpectedly easy. I slept quite well, in spite of the less than ideal sleeping situation, and the time change (ship time immediately switches to the Mexican equivalent of US Mountain Time during the first night).

Morning Routine

True to form, my dad immediately went to swim laps in the fairly small pool on the Lido deck. Lap swimming in the morning was actually fairly common, especially on later days of the trip. On some mornings, both pools were occupied by at least one swimmer each.

 My dad, lap swimming on the Lido deck
My dad, lap swimming on the Lido deck

After capturing my dad in the pool, I wandered the ship while it was empty, and captured a few more pictures, including the banner photo above.

Breakfast, Delivered

For the first morning on the ship, we decided to give the room service a try. On the Westerdam, in-room breakfast is arranged by filling out a food selection card, and leaving it out the night before. The card requires you to select from a pre-set list of foods, as well as a delivery time.

Upon delivery, we carried it out to the verandah, and started eating. The food was fairly good, though with understandably mixed temperature.

While we enjoyed the meal, we ate the rest of our breakfasts in the Lido. While some breakfast options are only available via room service, such as steak and eggs, almost everything else is fresher in the Lido. More importantly, the Lido doesn’t require waking up at a specific time.

The rest of the day was mostly spent lounging around the pool, as we were sailing down the Baja Peninsuala. The roof over the pool is opened and closed as required for wind and temperature control. For most days, it was opened in the late morning, and closed in the evening.

 A tough day lounging around the Lido pool deck
A tough day lounging around the Lido pool deck

I also captured a photosphere from the stern of the ship:

Evening Entertainment & Dinner

The evening event was a combination of several acts, titled a “Hastily-assembled Entertainment Burrito with Cameron and Rhea”, and included:

My photos from the nighttime entertainment varied from ok to terrible, and this was not a good night. Regardless, here are some shots of each act.

Dinner, Gaming & Sleep

Dinner on the second day was a more relaxed affair, as we knew what to expect. As usual, the three courses were excellent, if ever so slightly small.

After dinner, we visited the game library for the second time, and checked out “Castle Panic!“, a game new to everyone involved. On the way to find a lounge, we also picked up some new friends, who wanted to join our game. Overall, the game was great, though unusual in that you both work together and have a final score for each individual.

Finally, we drifted back to our cabin, and went to sleep.

Other Pictures of the Day