Wondering if you should sail on the next JoCo Cruise? Well look no further! Here are some common concerns I hear from people I have talked to about the trip.

The official site has all kinds of content and answers too, so don’t be afraid to search through there.

I/We Have Never Cruised Before

Neither had I before my first JoCo Cruise in 2017!

Frankly, I think it’s the perfect “first cruise” for almost anyone. There are so many things to do on the boat, ranging from relaxing on the pool deck or in the spa to knitting and playing board games below decks.

In terms of official events, there are concerts every night, and a board game library. The board game library was a mix of official/sponsor collection and private sets donated for the duration.

You can also organize your own events (called the “shadow cruise”) to socialize with, or teach, your fellow passengers and friends. These events easily filled all available space in the schedule, and meant there was always something to do, and usually several events at once.

For a better idea of what happened on the cruise in 2017, take a look at the schedules/newsletters from the cruise here.

A “Nerd Cruise”???

It really is! A whole boat full of friendly folks who would love to teach you how to play their favorite game, or sing along in the bar when a fellow passenger starts playing your favorite song.

Your fellow passengers won’t expect you to be a nerd too, but if you finally want to talk about your opinions on that one movie/book, this may be the place to finally let your flag fly.

It’s Expensive

Somewhat, but keep in mind that this is “all in”. If you don’t get any booze or other excess costs, you won’t pay any more for the entire vacation. For a week full of entertainment, gorgeous views, and food (plus a hotel room with an amazing view), it’s a pretty great deal.

The cheaper rooms tend to go first, so booking earlier does pay off.

If the cheap rooms are gone for this year, keep in mind that booking opens before the cruise leaves. This is also when the heaviest discounts exist for normal rooms (excluding possible last minute discounts).

I Don’t Want To Plan That Far Out

Ok… but all the cheap rooms may be gone if you wait.

The cancellation fees are fairly reasonable, so even if you have to cancel for personal reasons, it may not be ruinous. You can also transfer the tickets until fairly close to sailing.

If you are worried about other reasons for cancelling, such as sickness, work, etc. then maybe consider travel insurance. There are many options out there, tailored for the risks you are worried about.

I Get Sea Sick

Cruise ships are really big. Unless there are heavy seas, the ship is barely moving. Even when it does move, it is way slower than any small boat, with a 10-20 second side to side cycle.

I can’t make any promises about your sea sickness, but Cruise Ships are probably your best chance for sailing the open sea without getting sick.

Have any questions/concerns you want answered? Let me know in the comments below, and I will do follow up posts.