Quite simply, use Overcast. It is a great app, made with love by an established Apple developer, and it has some great features that help a heavy podcast listener save time, or any listener enjoy their podcasts more. In case you need more convincing, please keep reading.

In case you are wondering what I listen to with Overcast, please subscribe for updates. That article should be coming soon.

Smart Speed

Smart Speed shortens play time in a way that you probably won’t even notice. In short, it automatically cuts out pauses in speech, making many speech-heavy podcasts much faster. Because it is only removing “blank” spaces, you probably won’t even notice.

I have been using Overcast for a few years now, and it has saved me 18 hours just by smart speed alone.

That said, there are a few times you will want to turn smart speed off:

  • Music podcasts – It really messes up music
  • Some comedic podcasts – It wrecks comic timing

Voice Boost

Voice Boost automatically tweaks the sound for podcasts to level the audio. This helps them remain audible in various listening situations (car, train, walking) without being forced to increase the volume as much.

Speed Multiplier

I listen to most podcasts at around 1.5x base speedup (Smart Speed can boost this to 1.7-2x). This can take a little getting used to, but can save a huge amount of time, if that is your goal.

The only drawback, aside from favorite podcasts finishing quicker, is that normal audio sounds weird after listening to podcasts for a while. Everyone sounds kinda slow…


Give it a try, its free! There are some ads, but they can be removed with an in-app subscription if you decide you like it.

And I am really only scratching the surface of features above. It has many other, including podcast recommendations, a great interface, and more.