About a year and a half back, I read a blog post about working on cruises, and the advantages of doing so. Since this article more or less got me interested in cruising (and opened to door to going on the JoCo cruise), I wanted to mention it here.

I’m currently on a cruise ship somewhere in the Mediterranean sea […]. Most people here are either retirees enjoying the easy life or younger folks celebrating birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. My friend Brian and I are neither— we’re using the ship as a mobile work retreat.


Tynan’s article is well worth a read, so go take a look.

Related to that article is the author’s site CruiseSheet. It is a handy site for finding shockingly cheap cruises, such as trips for ~$45/day. That is a hotel room with a view, free food, and entertainment for an incredible rate (with tradeoffs, of course).

The main caveat with cheap cruises will (usually) be non-stop sea days. Most passengers prefer port days, as the sea days can be a little monotonous. In my own experience, of the three family members that attended my last cruise, I was the only one who wasn’t getting some cabin fever during the two to three sea days at the end.