Earlier this year, I sailed on the JoCo 2017 cruise to the Mexican Riviera. This is the first in a series of posts about the cruise, trying to capture the whole thing, and hopefully convince a few other people to join me next year!

What is a JoCo Cruise?

The JoCo cruise describes themselves on their website as:

JoCo Cruise […] is a whole cruise ship […] full of music, comedy, and general nerdery

Honestly, its a good short description, but what does this really mean?

In short, the cruise is a 7 day adventure with nightly music & comedy shows, non-stop conference-like events to attend (think arts & crafts, gaming panels, etc), and board games around the clock. It has something for almost anyone, and you can really make the cruise whatever you want.

The following posts should give you a better idea what my cruise was like, so please take a look!

Word of Mouth

I signed up for the cruise in June 2016 after seeing my favorite musical artist, Zoe Keating, post the lineup. When I signed up, I only recognized a few artists on the list (Zoe Keating, Adam Savage, Peter Sagal, Jonathan Coulton, Wil Wheaton). To be honest, I signed up almost entirely based on the first two.

My only other exposure to the cruise had been a number of videos from prior cruises, posted to YouTube. Searching for JoCo cruise on YouTube is a great experience, and will give you a great idea of the entertainment that will be found onboard.

Initially, I signed up on my own, hoping that I could find someone to join me amongst my friends and family. Happily, both my dad and brother were interested, so we upgraded to a suite on the ship, and shared a room for the trip.

Preparing for the Journey

Because I signed up for the cruise nearly 8 months before it departed, I had a great deal of time to (over)prepare. As such, I spent a great deal of time crawling the JoCo forums, Cruise forums, and other resources.

Around the time my family signed up, I created my checklist for the cruise, which I have cleaned up and published on this blog. This was meant both to keep all the tips I had found in one place, and also to make sure my family didn’t forget anything, as we were all new to cruising.

The Cruise Itself

I will get into the cruise itself in later posts, which should appear below as I write them.